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Add Differents User's settings value

Hello Everyone,

I’m begginer and It’s been 2 day that I’m stuck, searching for an answer but I didn’t found it yet.

The idea :
I have a list of Items (products to sell).
In a Setting page, The current User (seller) could add (with an input) a price for each item. So it means that for item “A”, every User(seller) give his own price.

I don’t know what’s the best way to manage and organize my Database.

In fact I would like to assign a field “custom prices” to each user, in order to only displaying the current user’s value (personnal and different from the others users)

It sounds basic but I can’t figure out how to do.
I don’t know if i’m understood, but I hope finding here an helping hand.
Thanks in Advance :smile:

Hi there, @info.2dents… if I understand your post correctly, I would likely go with a custom data type for the prices, and that data type would have a field for the associated product (tied to the product data type, of course) and a field for the user’s price for that product. When a user enters a price for a product on the settings page, I would create a new thing in the prices data type, and then you will always have easy access to the pricing for a specific user by doing a search through the prices data type for things created by that user.

Hope this helps.


Thank you @mikeloc for your answer,

I already thought about that way but I was affraid having too much datas.
I’m going to follow your advice.

A thousand Thanks! :slight_smile:

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