Dynamic Pricing How To

Hey everyone. I’ve asked a similar question before and while I haven’t gotten the “exact answer”, the answers I have received have given me great info and provided hints/clues on where to look next. So I’m asking it again, in a slightly different way, to see what ideas people might have.

I want to set up dynamic pricing based on values selected from several different dropdowns. Dropdown 1 values are 1 Hoagie, 2 Hoagies, 3 Hoagies, etc, where each hoagie costs $5. Dropdown 2 values are 1 Cookie, 2 Cookies, etc, where each cookie costs $3. So if the user selects 2 Hoagies and 1 cookie, I want the price to reflect the total of $8.

Is this something that I should use a plugin for? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi. Did you ever manage to resolve this?

@reshma.patel82 you will come to find a lot of the posts from several years ago are not that relevant any longer as a lot has changed for the better in bubble and some hard to resolve issues from long ago are much simpler now.

If you are just starting out I highly recommend following a youtube channel “coaching bubble” as there are loads of free tutorials on how to do things. I am sure there is one on this topic.

It is easy to do using custom states. Take some time to learn about them from different sources and you’ll get around to being able to do this.

Thanks @boston85719 for your reply! I’ll check out custom states, just thought there would be a simpler way. Thank you though! :slight_smile:

once you understand custom states you will appreciate the power and simplicity of them

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