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Need help Customizing Meetup Anticode Template

Hi guys

I need to build a web app from a template called Meetup. I need to add a few simple features in the app. Please find the features list below. I was hoping to get this done in a week if possible.
*I dont mind working with other templates /scripts but i need the project done in a week if possible. This is just a MVP, if the product works well we can discuss building a full fledge Native app as well

Please let me know if any of you have any queries.

list of features:

  1. Signup page has password based access for users, inside of marketplace (if this is time consuming please let me know and we can move it to next phase)
  2. Users have to answer profile questions. Once users have joined an event they need to add some questions that will make their profile. The users profile should show these answers to other users.
  3. Users should be able to see other users profiles either in a scroll up format (like whatsapp) or swiping left/right (like tinder).
  4. Admin should have access to the users profile answers
  5. Admin should be able to send out notifications to individual users
  6. Users can request other users to connect with them
  7. Users can chat between each other
  8. users can block/report/delete other users
  9. Admin can block and delete users
  10. Users can find other users near them. (using GPS like tinder, if this is time consuming then please ignore)
  11. On the App I need a home screen similar to the one in Meetup app, to show details about the event
  12. Please add privacy policy and cookie policy to the webapp/website


I can help you with these features, do you need my help???

Let me know.

Hi, I’m a developer on bubble and I can make this project for you.
Send me an email to: [email protected] so that we can negotiate.