Need Help Date Range!

Is there a way I can get a option to select a range and when I select that range of dates it will come up with that date range only?

For example if I did: 01/12/2020 - 09/12/2020 it would come up with that date range.

This is:

Do a Search for Interviews:filtered by [constraint 1: Date greater than or equal to the start of your range / constraint 2: Date less than or equal to the end of your range]

See also: Anything I’ve ever written about dates, but perhaps specifically this, this, and this might be helpful for future.

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I am wanting to add a date picker where i can select the date range and a button how would that work. Could you tell me in steps please?

Add two date pickers to the page and in your repeating group you’ll set your search as @keith explained above.

Interview date greater than our equal to Date Picker A

Interview date range less than our equal to Date Picker B

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