Need Help Displaying Data in a Timetable

Hi! I’m having lots of trouble displaying data in a timetable i’ve created. If i’m being honest I have no idea what im doing and i would really appreciate a little bit of help. I’ve created a data source that saves the data when written in a multiline input form, i just don’t know how to display the same data in the same multiline input after I’ve gone to a different page and then returned to the page where i would like the data to be displayed.

At the bottom I’ve created a ‘Save’ button, so when it is clicked by users their data is saved and can be displayed where they originally wrote it. This is not absaloutley nessecary and it would be great if i could find out a way where the data can be saved and displayed without clicking the ‘Save’ button, but i don’t mind if this can’t be done.
If anyone could help this would be really appreciated!

Link the data with user, So when the same user log-in again, You can put the data call during page load event. “Display Data” in group, Just refer the source of the group with condition of user = current user

thank you for responding and helping me get closer to the solution! Is it alright if you could be a bit clearer as I am still kind of confused

Hello I’m looking for some help to create a timetable in my bubble app that allows the user to input their appointment and the time. Is there is any plugin or tips to create a timetable ? (Just like the one shown at the top)
If anyone could help this would be really appreciated!