Need help finishing Zapier app

Hi, I’m looking for help finishing a public Zapier app that connects my Bubble app with external CRMs and marketing automation tools.

I’ve already successfully authenticated with Oauth2, but need help setting up my Triggers/hooks to communicate with Bubble’s API.

I have two test Zaps successfully working using Zapier’s REST webhooks. One updates the CRM based on changes in the Bubble app. The other updates the Bubble app based on changes in CRM. These should help guide what I need to accomplish with the public App.

My goal is to be hands on so I can understand your approach to building the first few Triggers, so I can add new ones myself in the future and build out templates.

Hey Jeff - this is something I am quite familiar with. Will be happy to walk you through this process. I am a coach with bubble so if you like, please book a 1 hour session with me at

You can find more information on me here:

Thanks for the reply Jagdish.

Just so I’m clear, are you suggesting that we will be able to walk through the solution together on the call? Would we screen share and you’d instruct me how to set up some example Triggers?

Is 1hr sufficient?

Hi Jeff - yes, I think that would be the best way to do this. Yes, and we can also record the call so you have it for future reference.

Just booked! Please let me know if you received my notes ok?

Looking forward to speaking with you Friday.

Jeff - I looked in the booking and couldn’t see the notes. Please send them by email to - thanks. Talk to you tomorrow.