Need help setting up the Zapier Platform Integration

Hello Bubblers.
I’m looking for some step-by-step help creating a Zapier Integration for my app.
I’ve found bits and pieces of information, but am stuck at the Authentication part.
Has anyone done this from A-Z and can walk be through (I’m happy to pay for time)
Thank you

More specifically need help with:

  • Zapier side > setting up the Authentication in developer dashboard
  • Bubble side > setting up the API calls and workflows.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I used this a while back with one of my apps.

It allowed me to achieve passing of data from Bubble to Zapier. (I didn’t try the reverse but the actions are there).

Not sure if it will facilitate a SaaS style integration where you want your users to have access but not sure of your end use case.

Hope that helps.

Thank you Dan for getting back to me. I really appreciate, but I’m looking at doing the full thing preferably :slight_smile:

If anyone is looking for this, I found the answer thanks to @Lucien’s awesome post here: Creating An App On Zapier