[Need Help] Formatting issue

Hi, I am struggling with a formatting issue.

I put a text box, and input box, and a text box in a row container.

The input box wouldn’t let me change its size to fit content, to I put it into it’s own container and selected fit width to content. As such, now the original row group is text, group, text:

However, as you can see, the text that follows the group is not going after the group with the input, but is instead on top of it.

What have I done wrong?

Hi @StandUp, it looks like that middle group is 0px wide. My first thought is that it’s worth checking you haven’t set a maximum width for that group (fit width to content will only go as wide as any maximum width you’ve set). Are you able to share a screenshot of the width / dimensions of that group?

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Ah, I checked every other width thing, that was the one I somehow missed! Thanks.

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