Need Help — GoDaddy DNS Help

Simply put — how do I make my app live with a domain purchased through GoDaddy? Do I need to purchase a hosting plan on CPanel like the GoDaddy support agent is implying?

I tried to change the A and CNAME records to the ones that Bubble gave me but that does not work.

GoDaddy needs a numerical IP address, not an ALIAS/ANAME type. Can any assist with this?

Hey mac!

I actually use GoDaddy as well for my domain host!

I just followed the directions I was given from Bubble and it worked for me. Have you given it 24 hours to properly take affect?


Hi @mac2!

I work with @draked123. Have you purchased a paid plan with Bubble? If so, go into your settings and click on “Domain/email.” When you get there enter your domain name without https:// or www and click “Set up this domain.” After you have done that Bubble should give you either a CNAME Record or A Record for you to enter into GoDaddy.

When you enter the records into GoDaddy, make sure that the A record or CNAME record’s host is @ and that the type of record (A Record or CNAME Record) is properly selected.

After entering either your A Record or CNAME Record into GoDaddy, as @draked123 said, you will need to wait up to 24 hours for your domain name to sync.

Hope this helps! If you need any clarification or more assistance feel free to reply!

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Just did this ( again) a week ago ( with GoDaddy).
For me the key to getting it done was this tutorial:

The tutorial was fairly accurate, except unlike in the video Namecheap did not request verification from me ( proving the domain really belongs to me)

Also, it really can take a lot of hours for all the new DNS redirects to be in place, meaning don’t be dicouraged if after setting this up ‘it does not work’ for a while ;)…

Hope this was helpful.


I support, if you would have done everything as it is said in the bubble and waited until everything comes into force within 24 hours, then everything should work for you
write if you have decided something

Use namecheap free dns service and then configure your domain.

Thank you all!!

what should we do if namecheap doesnt let us because the domain is less than 60 days new ?

im very stuck on this i have my cname record set up on go daddy and my A record but doesnt come up with aname on mine not sure why

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So are you using GoDaddy or Namecheap?

go daddy

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What seems to be the issue you are having? Check out the solution to this forum thread for how to set it up (Need Help — GoDaddy DNS Help - #3 by johnnylin629), let me know if you need any more help!

so i have set up the cname bit but alias/aname doesnt come up in my records on go daddy

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Check out the Bubble YouTube Channel and specifically the video titled “Howto: Transferring name servers.”

This video has guided me through properly connecting the past few apps I’ve created to their domain. Definitely a pain, I know, but simple enough once you’re used to it after the first or second time.

The long and short of it — Bubble does not have a static IP address for A records (though they are working on this apparently). Instead, Bubble refers to an ALIAS and CNAME to connect the domain with your app…GoDaddy does not offer ALIAS records SO many of us are using the provider, NAMECHEAP, to get the results we need.

That video above will help. NOTE — watch the video thoroughly the first time without taking any actions on your end. Then, skip to 3:24 and see the step he is taking to “verify” he owns the domain in Godaddy. This is an important step that should be at the beginning of the video.

One last thing…many people have mentioned it, BUT, it really can take some time for the domain to properly propagate across all platforms. I’ve begun doing this before bed and hoping it’s usually connected by the time I wake up.

I have some spare time this afternoon. Would be happy to give you a quick hand accomplishing this task.


yh unfortunately my domain is to new so i cant transfer it, although someone told me adding a subdomain means i only need add cname and not aname/alias, so i did this but still no result need help urgent!

You don’t need to transfer your domain.

Namecheap gives you a TXT Record to put into your domain’s DNS records in GoDaddy. (**This is the first step and an important one at that. Refer to my last post where I recommended watching the video through, and then refer back to around 3:24 to see the step that was missed.)

Once the TXT Record is recognized by Namecheap, you will take the 5(?) Nameservers they give you, go into your domain’s DNS records in GoDaddy, and change the Nameservers already in there to the 5(?) that Namecheap has provided.

Give it a few seconds, refresh the page, and you will see GoDaddy says your Nameservers arent managed by them…AKA Namecheap has taken control.

Now you go over to your Namecheap account and add in the records as bubble gives you and seen in the video.

Hi, @mac2 how are you? I’ve already created the five free servers at namecheap and put it on GoDaady, but it´s not working. I did saw the video, but I havent understand how to get the .txt for the domain autorization. Can you help me with that please?

did you do the .txt authorization first? In non technical terms, the .txt authorization is the confirmation by godaddy to namechap that you own the domain you are trying to make edits to.

I could be wrong, but changing the nameservers in GoDaddy prior to applying the .txt line from Namecheap will not accomplish this mission and could potentially throw other things off if your domain is currently connected to a different site somewhere.

Got it! Thanks

my domain provider only allow NAMESERVER change. so i have change them to Godaddy host. then from there i have set A record (Off-site domain). now my domain is working and actually open the bubble app. i have warning that i have not set up A record yet.
The question is if everything is working fine how the A record is not set up properly?

The only issue with current situation i can not send emails with my own custom domain if setting is recognized.