Wishlist: repeating group shows filled heart if I go to next page too

Here, when I select a heart it gets bookmarked, but then it stays filled when I go to next page.

The workflow looks something like this, Bookmarked is the data thing, I am putting these images and URLs in.

on your second screenshot nothing is “bookmarked”, btw

My bad. Here, in page 1, I bookmarked it.

And it automatically filled the heart in second page too.

Custom states in RGs stay associated with the cell they are in (not the object in the cell)…

In any case, using a custom state for this is not the way to go.

Save it to the database, then add a condition to the heart icon.

Alright! Thanks

Can you help me with the condition? I am trying to compare “Bookmarked” which is a data thing and Cell’s data. The condition should be if it is bookmarked then, the cell’s data is in Bookmarked or not. How to write it in bubble icon “where”?