Need help in removing specific entry from a database


I’m still relatively new to bubble and I’m having a problem that I’m quite sure is simple enough to solve. Basically, I wanted to remove a specific entry in the database that has the exact word that I’m looking for. I want to do that by pressing an Icon. This is not in a repeating group.

Hi there, @ignatiusjonathan07… when the icon is clicked, run a Delete thing… workflow event, with the thing to delete being a search in a relevant data type with a constraint on the search where the relevant field equals the word you want. Then, add the :first item operator to the end of the search, and you should be good to go.

The above being said, there might be another way to get to the entry in question, but you would need to share the details (probably including screenshots) of the use case in order for us to know.


Hi @mikeloc , thank you for your fast help. I just missed the constraint part of the workflow event.

All good now, thanks!

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