Need help intstalling paytm checksum utility

Hello… I’m working on a mediatory platform where I want to integrate Paytm (India) as a payment processor.

As there’s no plugin available I decided to integrate it using an API connector. Now I’m stuck on a step where I need to install Paytm checksum utility into my app for creating checksum(signature) for every transaction.

I got a .zip file of paytm utility. Now how do I connect to my web app, Please help!

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Hi, I took a look at the Paytm website and indeed it looks like it needs to be done via a server-side module.

The only way to run NodeJS modules is to build a Bubble plugin. Otherwise, @NigelG suggests

Been “closed” for a while now, sadly.

Maybe try one of the “Backend” tools that are springing up.

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Hi, were you able to resolve this? We currently are using stripe and looking to integration with Paytm. Any progress or insights?