Payment Integration using Paytm

As Bubble already have Stripe and PayPal for payment purpose but if I want to integrate any other payment gateway to my application, for instance, PayTM Payment Gateway.
So How can I proceed?
@sridharan.s any suggestions ?

No my area of expertise per se, but I suspect you’d want to look at the other companies APIs and figure out how to connect it with your bubble app that way.

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is there anyone in bubble community who can tell whether it’s possible or not ?

PayTM Payment Gateway - looks possible at first glance, but hard to know for sure without really digging into details of your requirements, etc.

I’d recommend starting with something that’s already built to get your app up and running more quickly. Can always change to another service in the future once you’ve validated your concept, etc. Just a thought.

Best of luck!


Why go for an intermediary and half baked solution? E-wallets like Paytm are just middlemen and will face eventual issues in the long term in the face of the fastest growing platform of UPI -

If you are interested in UPI integration, happy to help and connect.



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