Paytm Payment Gateway Integration - “Waiting on Promise” Error

i am trying to develop a plugin to receive payments through Paytm Payment Gateway. The following link is the documentation provided by Paytm for PG integration:

i have developed 3 Plugin actions in the plugin editor:

  1. Create Checksumhash
  2. Initiate Transaction
  3. JS Checkout

Create Checksumhash Action Code

Initiate Transaction Action code

JS Checkout Action code

“Create Checksumhash” Plugin Action which generates and validates a unique signature. This signature is passed to “Initiate Transaction” plugin action as a parameter which generates “Token” which will be used in “JS Checkout” plugin action which process it and displays the Paytm Checkout Page to accept payments from customers.

i am able to run and generate signature from “Create Checksumhash” Plugin action but i am not able to generate token from “Initiate Transaction” plugin action. i keep receiving the following error :

  1. “Warning : status bar still waiting on promise”
  2. “using plugin in testing mode can considerably slow down your application. You should only use test app to test plugins”

And the program is still running even after i have reloaded the page and trying to execute the same workflow. And how can create Test App??

I tried executing the code in Postman, it gave me results but its not working when i tried to execute in bubble plugin. Anyone please help me with this.


The reason is mostly due to your return is not waiting for those async functions.

Check this out once, you get a little idea on how to go about it.

We are also working on creating the Paytm payment gateway plugin for our app, we can discuss and solve issues together if you would like?

Here’s my email id

Sure that would be wonderful. Will check this out and let you know if i am to get results.