[NEED HELP] need help making a button fill an input

i have a custom api set up to grab info from a website, but what i want is when a button is clicked (ex. Generate) it fills that input(s) with the information that was gathered from the api call i dont want to waste data space by creating a data item then setting the input to first item of the data, it would take alot of space, so how do i do it?

You can put the input inside a group. Set the group’s content type to the Thing your API call is sending you. Set the initial content of the input to the parent group’s Thing’s [desired field].

When the button is clicked > Display Data: choose the group as the element and for “data to display” use “Get external data from API” to choose your API call.


When the button is clicked > Run API call as an action > Display Data: data to display = result of previous step

The method you use depends on whether you’ve set your API call to be used as Data (method 1) or Action (method 2)

Since I don’t know much more about your API call, this is a general direction. Try it out.

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