Need help on add to list

Hey Guys, I have been trying to add the unique id to the users sheet but not sure how to do it. I keep getting error.

Please help…

Oh oh…

How can I allow it?

In settings > General, first setting:
Screen Shot 2020-05-30 at 1.31.47 PM

Thanks! I modify it to everyone can edit.

hopefully for everyone to view, and not edit. I’ll take a peek now.

If you’re trying to add the log from your first step in the workflow, you should be able to just add “The result of step 1” as the thing to add.

I tried it now but it didnt work… It’s ok to edit. This is just a scratch pad for testing some things…

ok, check it out now.

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Thanks a lot man!

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You got it, glad to help.

I got another question. How do it know to add the unique id when you select “result from 1st step”? Is it by default? It it possible to change it with something else like the log text?

Yes. Go to your data tab, primary fields.

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Thanks a lot man! Maybe you can check this as well when you have time How to put list on repeating group

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