Need help please /each item/ urgency

Please i need help !!!


i want every item to be in one line and not send all in one line please !!! please

look how he send the informations in the picture


Just go further and use format as text after Designation. In a box select “This text” as content and delimeter you what (like space or comma).

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but i want each item in one line like


Then type enter

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look my freind, the idea works but why its reapeating all the items in each line

and look my code

Set content to “This text”, not the lookup expression. You just doing another lookup for each item in your case

Is Designation field of text type?

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bro it works! all i have to say is thank you alot aloot !. now all i have to do is make a little table to add another rows / price / total

thank’s alot you saved me i wish i can have contact with you and exchance maybe i can help you in other things im pro in . thank’s thank’s .

No problem, you’re welcome!

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