Repeating group list of product's

Hi everyone ! I have a little problem…

I created a system for food delivery like uber eats, and when the fastfood get a new order, the repeating group show all items in one line, but I want to show like a list

Exemple ::
It show :: margerita, prosciutto

But I want to show like that ::

  • Margerita

  • Prosciutto

There is some screenshot, thank you a lot !

Are you trying to get the full list of a table’s order to display inside one cell? Or do you want one item per cell?

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Use format as text.

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Hi ! Thank you for your reply,

I want to show the order list in one cell

In that case, as @SerPounce says, use the ‘Format as text’ expression, after current cell’s data.

Press ‘enter’ in the delimiter panel, so that each item will display on a new line.

You can add bullets, or whatever else you want to be displayed, in the ‘content to show per list item’ panel.

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Thank you ! That’s work fine for me !

@SerPounce Thank you too !


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