Photo is not saved

My user uploads a photo in her profile but do not show in her profile or posts.
Also it is not registered in the data base.

What happens? Should I put a save buttom or do a conditional in the image uploader?
Many thanks.

Do you have any workflow for this to save the image?

Hi @kazimdgoni !
I only have a picture uploader following the instructions from the bubble video to build the first app…

I see no workflow offered there… But have this condional that I don’t remember having done…

In the video says that bubble uploads the photo automatically but do not give any instructions for the placeholder or anything…

The PictureUploader just uploads the image to your file storage.

If you want to save the uploaded photo to an image field in the database somewhere, you’ll need to set up a workflow to do just that.

Ok @adamhholmes . But how I start a worflow if the picture uploader do not even offer a buttom to start it…? And how should be that workflow?

You can start a workflow any way you like, depending on the UX you’re trying to create, such as when a button is clicked, or when the picture uploader’s value changes (i.e. when a new image is uploaded).

Alternatively, you might prefer to use autobinding to automatically save the pictureUploader’s value to the parent group’s thing…

It really just depends on how you want your app to work and what you’re trying to do.

Great. Now please would you be so kind to show me how to do any of the options? I’m a beginner and very confused.

There was already an autobiding conditional

But didn’t work…
Many thanks.

The Basics - Bubble Docs

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