Need help to play amr audio files

Does anyone know how to play an “.amr” audio file?
I’ve tested all free audio players and none seemed to work.

You cant with HTML 5.

Convert the file, and use one of the plugins available.

This is the information I’ve gathered, but their may be a way. It may be best to convert then use one of the audio players available. You can find an api to convert whatever audio file easily.

This is a link to an embedded web player, but seems outdated (last updated 6 years ago). It could possibly be converted into a plugin, but that would require some technical know-how.

unfortunately I don’t know anything about codes haha

My problem is that I use a BDK wrap, so I can’t use any other studio recorder… then using a BN audio recorder it gets an amr file (I don’t know if it’s because of bdk or my cell phone)

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