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How to play ".amr" format Audio files in Bubble?

Hello everyone!

I am trying to convert a Bubble app into Native one using BDK Native. This app has a chat system where text as well as audio/voice messages can be exchanged.

I also have an audio player set up alongside all the voice -type messages to play the delivered/received messages.

When converting the app into native using BDK, we have to use BDK’s own audio recorder as it doesn’t allow other recorders to open. I have integrated BDK’s own audio recorder but the problem is that it only stores audio messages in “.amr” format.

Most of the available (almost all) audio players plugins only support HTML 5 supported audion formats and “.amr” isn’t among them.

Can someone recommend me any solution on how should I be able to play “.amr” format messages in Bubble?

Same issue for me! Did you ever solve this? @Talha54

same issue for me too - the best solution i can think of is to use the cloudconvert plugin to convert upon every upload - haven’t tried it yet but definitely not an ideal solution. Plz let us know if you found a better way to go about this amr issue. Thx!

Maybe playing it with native audio player? through BN - play …

@pork1977gm Paul, could you tell us if your videoJS is able to play “.amr” formats? I also had the same issue with BDK but it was before having your plugin.

As far as I’m aware, the AMR file type isn’t one of the supported files that html5 natively plays, so you’d need to convert it first.

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