[New Plugin] HTML5 Audio Player

Hi everyone!

A few days ago I released a new HTML5 Audio Player that supports any audio format that HTML5 supports. You can upload your own Static File or use a Dynamic Link as the Audio Source.

It uses the Web Browser’s default Audio Player Widget, however with the Supported Element Actions you have the ability to hide the Audio Player Widget and use your own Audio Controls. For example, you can use your own Play and Pause buttons to control when the Audio Pauses and Plays again.

Notable Features:

  • Disable Right Clicking - Disable right clicking on the audio player so that it is more difficult to download/save the audio from the webpage.
  • Auto Play - You can have the audio automatically start playing when the audio source loads. NOTE: Some browsers disallow this functionality.
  • Hide Native HTML5 Audio Controls - You can hide the default Audio controls so that you can use your own buttons to control the audio.
  • Remove Download Button in Google Chrome
  • Start playing the audio at a particular time rather than the beginning

Supported Element Actions:

  • Play
  • Pause
  • Set Playback Position
  • Set Playback Speed
  • Set Volume
  • Toggle Mute
  • Toggle Play/Pause
  • Time Updated

Supported Events:

  • Audio Ended
  • Audio Started to Play
  • Audio Paused
  • Audio Seeking Started
  • Audio Seeking Completed
  • Audio Position Changed
  • Audio Changed
  • Media Started Loading
  • Media Finished Loading

Supported States:

  • Is Playing
  • Is Paused
  • Current Playback Position

Plugin Page:

Demo Page:

If you have any questions, concerns, or feature requests, feel free to reach out to me at bancosapps@gmail.com

I appreciate any feedback, suggestions, or feature requests!


@bancosapps - nicely done. And nice demo page, clearly demonstrates the value quickly. Good addition to the marketplace.

I might recommend building out some additional documentation or providing an editor link. (For reference, I think @gaurav’s bdk is a great example of documentation for plugins. Concise, but thorough with plenty of pictures and GIFs).

@dan1, Thank you very much for the suggestion. The page you linked is very helpful as a baseline for what great Bubble Plugin documentation looks like. I will work on building out something similar to that.


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Can this plugin make sound play in a loop? Users will select start time and end time then loop it to play based on users dropdown selection on how many times they want it to play.

@sistershomeschooling, currently this audio player doesn’t support looping. But I think that would be a great enhancement to the plugin.

I will add that as a feature in the next update. Thanks for the suggestion! I can update you here when that functionality is added.

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@bancosapps Hey, love that this includes playback speed, that gives me ideas i never considered before. I will def be using this in some upcoming apps.

Just wondering, would it be possible to add a pitch control too? I assume if you can change speed WITHOUT changing pitch, then it’s also possible to change speed WITH a pitch change, and hence possibly to ONLY change pitch?

Also a more advanced feature idea would be built in BPM detection. So it can display detected bpm of the current song, then allow the user to change the bpm precisely, plus to transpose the song up or down in semitones. That would be crazy, would stand well above all other audio players on bubble.

And the only other obvious feature would be adding a waveform view like soundcloud, dropbox etc

Any plans to develop this further? Maybe a pro version for $50 instead?

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Did you ever figure out how to accomplish the pitch changing?

Hi! The player works fine, but I cannot make it play after the page load. I doesn’t play automatically with the Auto Play set to “yes”. What am I doing wrong?


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I did some research and found out that this is due to the browser policy which says that you cannot autoplay the sound on page load if the page that you are loading is the first page that you visit on this domain.

I have set the Auto Play to “yes” and when I navigate to the page from my app’s other page it plays the sound automatically. But if I set Auto Play to “no” and try to make it play with a When Page is loaded workflow, it doesn’t work even when the user comes from the app’s other page.

I am fine with the Auto Play property solution so far, but if anybody can help make the second scenario work, I will appreciate it.