Need help! What's the best way to set up this particular API call?

I’ve set up quite a few API calls now on Bubble, but in this case, I’m really struggling to understand how to set it up and need help…

I’m basically using what Cloudinary calls the “explicit” method to find an existing file stored with Cloudinary and I’m performing “transformations” (changes) on that file which is specified in the “eager” parameter.

In this cURL example (which can be found in the Cloudinary docs), all of the values for the “eager” parameter are transformations (cropping and adding a blue background).

curl -X POST --data 'type=upload&public_id==sample&eager=w_400,h_400,c_crop,g_face|w_660,h_400,c_pad,b_blue&timestamp=173719931&api_key=436464676&signature=a788d68f86a6f868af'

In my use case, I COULD have many (4-5+) transformations for the eager parameter value or I could only have one.

How do I set this up correctly so that I can provide values dynamically in a workflow if I have one transformation or if I have 5?

Here’s where I’m at so far…

are you aware of the generic issue re: bubble connector AND POST reqs having complex query expressions after the path ? API connector Stripe.checkout.sessions init error - #6 by rowntreerob is an example . There are alot more examples of workarounds re: http(s) posts such as yours via the api connector.

following that logic you could try the translation from the good Curl expression of the Post to the bubble workaround using the json body form property as kludge-wrapper for the query string used in the curl …

> --data 'type=upload&public_id==sample&eager=w_400,h_400,c_crop,g_face|w_660,h_400,c_pad,b_blue&timestamp=173719931&api_key=436464676&signature=a788d68f86a6f868af'

![Screenshot from 2021-08-16 07-35-52|690x388](upload://pfN64hHP6qhxT0tAAs2fADSCSc6.jpeg)