Need help with conditions (easy)

Hello, I am trying to make a condition to be able to create an account only if I have been invited. I have a data base with “prompts” and a list of emails that are allowed to create an account. Now how to make this button clickable only when bubble detects that the email in the field is also in the data base?


Having you tried toggling the ‘this element isn’t clickable’ checkbox? It seems to me you have it setup to do the opposite of what you’ve described.

Hi there, @rayanerachid91212… if you just want to disable the button in the situation you described, try changing your condition to Search for Invitess:count is 0 with a constraint on the search where Email = Input emails value.

The issue with your approach, though, is that you are going to have to make sure the privacy rules on the Invites data type (FYI, you should name your data types in the singular) allow for a user who isn’t logged in (or even signed up) to find items in a search of that data type, and by doing so, you could be exposing all of the emails in that table to a tech-savvy user. Is there a reason why you aren’t handling your invites through a flow like sending the user an email with a link they can click to sign up instead of checking a database of invited emails?


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