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How to achieve sign-up when email has already signed-up

I am trying to build a simple sign-up to learn Bubble. I successfully created a button with a workflow to sign the user up, send an email and navigate to a confirmation page. But when I tried it a second time using the same email, the editor displayed a message saying that the user (email) already exists.

I have tried using a condition on the button so it is greyed out if the email entered is already registered, but I cannot get this to work. I don’t think I am using the conditional logic properly on the button.

Help …?


On the condition of button, you can do;

“Do a search for user:count >0” and in the search criteria set the email = input email value:trimmed.

With this you can then set whatever changes you want, the button cannot be clicked, the background colour etc. etc.

Like below;

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Thanks, but if I do this, then attempting to re-try with a different email address means that the button is always unclickable? Ideally, a different email address should now work. But I guess the logic above is saying that once the database contains a single email address (ie. count > 0), then the button is always unclickable?

How can I permit a new user to enter a different email address this time, while preventing any email address that has already been “stored” into the database to be re-attempted?


No, when the condition is not true, the button reverts back to clickable.

Thanks – I sorted it now.

Question – if I have a home page that has a action button (such as “submit apartment” for an airbnb-style of site), what approach would you suggest to check if the current user is logged in before permitting the submission to proceed? Obviously if the current user is not logged-in, then they should not be able to proceed with the submission?

I would not let the Edit or Add page be accessible if the user is not logged in for starts. on the submission workflow, also just the status of the current user as an additional check.

Make sure you have an ‘Owner’ field of Type ‘user’ for the property data type, and do not rely on the created by. The reason I say this is that you may have an agent (or a system admin) that is managing properties on behalf of others, so they would be created, by the owner may be different.

Thanks. Can I also ask a newbie question, which is how would I prevent a user that has already signed up from trying to sign-up again? I can’t work out how to check if the email address entered into the input field can be checked to see if it already exists as a signed-up user.

Using the exact same approach you used for the button, and apply the same principle to the workflow conditional arguments.

I think the current default sigup/login dialog has this all built in by default. It does this already, you said this in your first post, “But when I tried it a second time using the same email, the editor displayed a message saying that the user (email) already exists.”

Hi Dave – I think Bubble does report this, but it generates a standard pop-up dialogue saying that the user already exists. I’d like to customise this somewhat …eg. by preventing the sign-up button from being clickable or by displaying my own error message. I can’t see any option under the conditional tab on the button that is “user already signed-up”. Does Bubble think a user has “signed up” simply by virtue of that email address existing in the database?


Yes, it will be buried in the account management code somewhere to raise and alert when an email address already exists.

You can still stop the workflow from triggering by blocking the button as discussed above and also checking in the workflow. like the picture below;

Ok, I get it. Does the documentation explain the various options, such as “:trimmed”? What does “:trimmed” mean?

Did you go and have a look?

Trim simply removes spaces from the front and end of a user entry. You know what people are like, they have a habit of putting extra spaces where they are not necessary. I usually trim text input to make sure this hasn’t happened. Otherwise it can cause problems later.

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