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Hi guys,

I am sure this will take someone about minute to resolve for me but I really am spending hours stuck on this one simple issue.

I have a sign up pop up form which is signing up a new user and creating a new restaurant ( a new thing)

I am them directing to a new page where I want to use input fields to collect information for specific details for that restaurant, such as the logo, phone number etc.

  1. I want the user and restaurant to be signed up - which i have figured out
  2. Then it comes to a onboarding page to collect details of the restaurant and store them in the database.

I am struggling with the workflows to the second part

Please see the below screenshots - Any help would be amazing!

I can’t tell from your screenshots, or from your post, what you’re having trouble with?..

What exactly is the problem?

(although, why are you making changes to a list of restaurants, instead of just a single restaurant? - that doesn’t make any sense to me, but I don’t really know what you’re trying to do…)

You’ll need to be more specific with your question, and what the actual problem is, if you want any real help here…

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Hi Adam,

Thanks for getting back.

I have been able to solve it without the screenshot.

The reason I am using a list of restaurants ie because each user may need to add several restaurants. The platform is similar to YELP, where a user can add multiple restaurants which is why the database is structured in that way.

Thanks anyway and for your help recently also.

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In that case, if you make changes to a list of Restaurants, know that you’ll be making the same changes to ALL of them…

i.e. if you Make changes to a User’s list of 3 restaurants, and set the name to Dave’s Restaurant, all 3 will then have the name Dave’s Restaurant. The same for any other fields you set, such as address and phone number etc.

If that’s your intention then it’s fine to use the Make Changes To A List Of Restaurants workflow action, but otherwise you’ll want to make changes just to a single restaurant.

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Thanks Adam,

My intention is to make a change to a single restaurant information however i am unsure on how to do this - Really apperciate the help

Below is my exact desired outcome, please do let me know what work flow is best suited as currently I cannot figure this out:

  1. A new user signs up, and a restaurant is created and applied to that specific user.
  2. It takes the user to an onboarding form, where they can add information which gets applied to that restaurant only. Such as phone number etc.

The reason I linked users and restaurants as a list was because each user needs to be able to have multiple restaurants in the future.

You need to specify which of the User’s Restaurants you want to make changes to…

Presumably, it will be the most recently created one but, depending you your app and UX, that may not always be the case…

If it is then you can simply select ‘last item’ from the list, which will select the most recently created one.

But otherwise you’ll want to store a reference to it somewhere on the page (in a custom state).

So once you sign the User up, and create the new restaurant, set the newly created restaurant in a custom state somewhere on the page, then in the next step you can just refer directly to that custom state value to select the restaurant you want to make the changes to.

Or, you could set a content type of restaurant on the group that contains the Restaurant Details inputs, then send the newly created Restaurant to the group once it’s created (using Display Data), and refer to it when making the changes.

Both of those methods assume that everything is happening on the same page (which from your screenshot it appears to be).

If you’re using multiple pages, the the best way will be to use URL parameters to define the Restaurant.

Thank you so so much! I have sorted this so thanks again Adam!

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