Need help with displaying usernames and opening a document

Hi there,

I am new to bubble and have just started making an app, however, i need help regarding 2 small matters. The first one is getting the app’s dashboard to display the user’s username, e.g welcome John Doe as i’m not sure how to do this. The second problem i’m having is uploading a google docs to the app for people to view without having to download it. I’ve tried inputting a link but when it is pressed, it always comes back with an error from google saying the docs could not be found even though anyone with a link can access it, it is published to the web, and the link is correct. I hope someone can help me with these problems.



First point is simple. Firstly, make sure you have a field within your ‘User’ data type that is ‘Username’, set to text.

Then on the signup of a new user, be sure to give them the option to define a username, make sure these are unique, as you don’t wont 2 users with the same usernames of course.

On the page, draw out a text element and add the dynamic value:

Depending if this is a admin type page or header that only shows to users logged in, you might want some logic to hide if for instance the page is available to both people who have an account and people who don’t just yet.

So for instance, hide by default but set a condition to show when condition is true (yes).



And if the username is somewhat optional, you could also enforce:

As for the Google docs, I know there is a few plugins available that makes this process much simpler, have a search. If not you might be able to embed onto a page, within the HTML element, but this isn’t something I’ve tried to be honest.

thanks very much, it now works really well with the app. ill find an alternative for the docs, but do you know if i can change the color and size etc to the display username without it effecting it?

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