Need help with group collapsing but still having white space


I currently struggling on how to hide a group and don’t have a withespace.

Here some screenshots demonstrating my situation:

I tried to put the rg into a group and select “collapse if hidden” and hide it when nothing to show, but still a whitepace.

Thanks for help !

try to make the group not visible on page load and have the conditionals used to show it when it should be…If doesn’t work, maybe try grouping all the elements together.

I second with @boston85719. You can make it not visible on the page load and then make it visible using conditionals. Or what you can try doing is select the checkbox of collapse the height of the element when not visible for every element inside the RG.

Hello and thanks for you’re answer.
I’ve tried to put the group not visible on page load but still nothing is changing from the previous state.

I also tried you’re solution to select the checkbox for all element, but the only one that showing is :

Still no change.


Put your text in a group. Make that group hide and set the group to collapse height when hidden.

Instead of the conditional showing/hiding your text, have it hide/show the group.

^^^are you sure the group is collapsing. CHeck it with the element inspector in preview.

Hello, tried to put all text element in a group, still a whitespace.
Look at this gif showing the inspector: the group is hidden but still having space

thanks for you’re answer

Did you try this?

Hello, yes i’ve already tried that solution.

Finally, it was the red text creating a big whitespace without clear explanation.
Thanks for you’re help

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