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Need help with how to upload a file on

Good day everyone
I need help with how to upload a file on that it should be editable on the database.
Please I need help with this task.

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Hello, what kind of problem do you have? Can you describe what you try to achieve?

My first thought: Can you upload the file that should be editable as a CSV? That could allow you to add it to the database and work with the data later.

I want to upload it from the frontend and let it reflect on the backend to be editable.
Do you mind going on a zoom call with me so I can explain what I need exactly?

I don’t even know if I can help you because you have not even specified what kind of file it is.
By backend do you mean the bubble editor or a backend for your apps “admins”?

I want to upload it from the editor and then let it reflect in the database to be editable there

Can you clarify what you mean by “let it reflect in the database”, and also “to be edible there”…

Do you mean you want to store data about the file in your database?

What kind of file is it? You want to be able to edit the actual file? In your Bubble app? or what?

I want to store data of the file in the database. It’s a pdf file.


So first you’ll need to create a Datatype for the purpose (i.e. File), with all the various fields you want to store data in, including a File field, of type File (that will refer to the actual file in question).

Then, once you’ve uploaded your file, use a Create a Thin workflow action to create a New entry of the File datatype, use the file uploader’s value to set the file field, and add the other data you need to store.