Need Help with making a Group Container

I am making a App.

As Displayed below i want it to Display information as soon as i enter a Postcode.

How do i do that?

why do you keep making posts of the same question,
You need to be more specific, i replied to one of them already and you blanked me,…

I see you want to display in whatever that element is on the right,
now what information specifically do you want to display, can you share your editor to see your data structure.

Sorry for that @anon65040322 I coudnt find it anymore.
But now i found out how to do it. I used a repeating Group and made a new Data Sheet.
The same as i did with the Other Repeating group. And i found out that i can also link this only to the Postcode input Field. So after keep trying and a night sleep if found out how to.

Can you tell me how i close the topics?

Well i got another one.
I have 2 Pages. on 1 page i have buttons and the other page i have shapes.
I found out how to change color. Bot how do i change color of a shape on another page?

Well i found out another problem. In development and previeuw mode.
The pages works fine.

but as soon as in publishe them. I can not see anything anymore in my repeating boxes.
if i input data ( for now its only postcode 1001)
Nothing changes there come no data out.

What could be the problem here?

The database in preview is separate from the database in live. You should make sure you actually have data in your live environment.

Thank you how do i transfer this just by copying the data base from Dev to Live?

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