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Need help with making Questionnaire save data

Hi, i am trying to make a questionnaire where i have a user tick boxes (or leave some unchecked) and have the user press a ‘next’ button that takes them to the next page of questions and at the end they press submit and that triggers a signup/login form after which they are taken to their dashboard page which shows (as plots/graphs) the results of the questionnaire. I need help on setting it up so that each time the user presses ‘next’, it saves the scores (yes/no tally) for when the submit at the end. Hope that makes sense. Any help would be much appreciated. Please ask me for further clarification if needed.

You can create a new database item at the start of the questionnaire and store the yes/no tallies every time the user presses ‘next’.

Thanks for your response. I’m new to bubble so i’m gonna have to do this step by step. So, i guess i need to program the next button like “when this button is clicked: create a new xxx” then i select “set another field” ? then what would i need to do? sorry i’m such as noob

You should complete the bubble tutorials! They will answer your questions and step you through the entire process you’re asking about!

I’ve done all of those. I then repeated the lesson three " Saving and modifying data" (Build a reddit-like app to vote on city names) and i still got lost. I’m just not good at this sort of stuff.


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If that didn’t get you up to par, you may consider booking a 1-on-1 coaching session.

Have you seen the myriad of instructors and freelancers around? :wink:

True. Maybe i’m just tired from working 16 hours a day on my start-up hahaha

Here are some photos to help you help me.
Image #1 shows you my tick box questionnaire.
Image #2 shows me trying to begin programming the button to save a tally by clicking 'group yes / no" (i don’t know if that’s right but looks like it makes sense).
Image #3 shows me at a dead end where i can’t figure out what i am supposed to do next… create some kind of new custom state?

Screen Shot 2021-08-31 at 10.45.54 pm

Sad to see someone asked the same thing two years ago and never got it resolved ;(

I would start by creating an option set that holds all your questions.

Next step. Assign a value to each question as part of the option set

Set a RG to have a data type of the option set you just created

Set the data source to be “get an option” and use the one you just created

Add a text box and checkbox into cell 1

Set text to be this cells options display

Report back when this is done!

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ey ey captain!

Ok, al i have done so far was: went to the ‘data’ tab; clicked ‘option set’ and created a new option set; pasted in my 16 questions; then you said to assign a value (which i don’t know how to do0 but i think i figured it out: click "create new attribute and set it to “number” (and called it "score (1/0)); then next to each option where it says “modify attribute” i select that and set each to “1”.

that where i am up to (see image)

You then said “set set RG…” but i don’t know what RG is…

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Oh oh RG is ‘repeating group’!

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Now, you need to learn about the plugin orchestra. It’s dope

You’ll run a workflow for each cell. You can either add up a total score based on the boxes checked or save each question to the database, do a search for that users responses. And then sum that value.

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Ok i will get onto that now.

ignore this photo, this is just last step of your earlier instructions. i’m just leaving a detailed paper trail for people who may need help with this in the future.

I’ve downloaded the plugin named “orchestra” but i don’t know what to do now.

You said to “complete the bubble tutorial! they will answer your question” but here i am downloading third party plugin and doing all kinds of stuff that was not at all in the tutorial. Is this the right approach?