Need Help With My Endpoint Setup - Can't Figure Out Why It's Not Working


Could you clarify please, what is wrong here?

The workflow requires an array of ids of “flight legs” in the parameter “flightlegs”:

If I send the array with the only one item, I get the correct response:
But if I send the same array but with more that one item, I’m getting the incorrect response (empty):

Is it possible to get the array of objects, by sending a list of their IDs?

Is it possible to get all fields of related objects, instead of their IDs (like this

Im not sure if im looking at your needs the right way but just in case it is what I am thinking,

list of ID’s to your api endpoint -->> list of the matching items returned as an array?

Yes, we are sending the array of IDs, but not getting the response. The server returns a response if the value contains only one item:

Could you check the same request, with several ids?

That was multiple sent & multiple received.

Is there a specific reason why you’ve used the api connector though?

Why isn’t this working for me? I’ve set it to receive a list of paramaters (text):

And then i’ve set it to RETURN a list of data as well:

It looks like your defining that the returned flight legs should comply with with being equal to ‘flightleg’, I think that would be seeing either the first ID in flightleg or possibly the entire array as a string… change that to ‘unique id is in flightleg’ and you should have lift off.

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I tried that however for some reason it won’t let me change the = for this one.

How can I change it or set it up so it can be changed to ‘Is In’?

Use filtered on the end like I have in the shots above.

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