Need help with Page Speed Optimization & SEO

Hi there,

my application is build, but I have significant issues with the page speed. The main cause is some javascript and potentially other things.

I’m looking for assistance to improve page speed and SEO for my application. Page name is in case you want to run it through

Current Score: 15/100

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From what I have read, I think the main thing to consider with the speed your site loads is videos and right after that would be images. Are all the images saved in the database or in an option set? There is a plugin that you can use that compresses your images before they are stored as amazon s3’s and then after you call on them you can use bubble’s imgix to reformat to orginal quality. The more compressed an image is when it is saved, the quicker it can be fetched and loaded on your site.


You can open up you browser tools and inspect the network tab: Inspect network activity - Chrome Developers

Here is the ss for your app, I just sorted the network activity (each call) by the size. The first three javascript files (run, static and dynamic.js) are part of bubble so there is nothing to do there.

However, you are loading recaptcha, stripe, a video player, tag manager, an image and some fonts that are usually unacceptable if you want a fast loading page. Maybe try to remove some of them?


Hi @ferhatg,

thanks for your reply! It’s not fully possible to erase recaptcha, stripe, etc. because I unfortunately need it in my application. The js comes from the plugins that I use. However, I’m gonna restructure the content so that they are not loaded on the index page anymore.

Could you elaborate on your comment with the fonts? These are uploaded and stored in my bubble application.

You helped me a lot. Thank you!


Hi @williamtisdale,

that’s amazing! The images are stored in my bubble application, but I wasn’t aware of this plugin. I’ll definitely use it.

Thank you!

Would love to hear what kind of score you achieve after fine tuning!

Hello @philipp.laengle107 ,

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