Need help with position elements next to each other

Hey guys,

The setup:
I have a text element which is dynamically showing the name of a record in a repeating group. Next to the text, on the left I have an element which shows the status of that particular record.

The problem:
How should I group the elements that the status element is always 16px to the right of the text element, un-depending on the length of the name? Right now there is a lot of empty space in between even though I have positioned them how I want it in the editor.

Supporting Images:

The grey rounded square is the status element. This is how I have positioned them on the editor.

This is how it looks like when previewing. There is a lot of empty space in between the name and the status.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Just my first thought:

I’m assuming you’re using the old responsive engine.

Try going into the responsive mode, then selecting the Status element, and pressing the button that makes it “Left Aligned” to the text group.

hey @jobs yea I’m on the old responsive engine indeed. But I can’t transform the page to the responsive mode yet, as it would take me some time to reposition the elements with the new responsive setup. I intend to do that in the future, but I am searching for a solution with the current setup as well.

You can select the responsive mode on the old editor (totally different from upgrading to the new responsive engine)

Try giving it a shot going to the responsive mode and selecting that element to left align

Ohh I see what you mean. Was completely unaware that you could use the Responsive tab without having to upgrade to the Responsive engine. I tried what you said though, but it didn’t really change anything.