Responsive: Make left element drop to next line

Hi. I have an issue with responsive behavior. Is there an option to make the left element in a group hop to the next line instead of the right? See my illustration below. It always brings the right element to next line if the view port gets smaller. However, the order of the elements are not optimal then, as it should be text on top and the image follows. In my scenario I have Text, Image, Image, Text, Image. How can I make it to become Text, Image, text image, text image?

Hope someone can help? Thanks.

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This post should help you out. You just have to reverse one of your groups.

Check it out: Reverse element positions on mobile - Quick tip!

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Hi @J805 thank you so much for your help. This is the solution. However, I did not manage to make it work. I inclueded the code in the pager header. And named the group with the two child groups “elementContainer”. What could I still be doing wrong? Hope you can help me. Thanks

Is is it only working on the payed plan?

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Hi @J805 i upgraded to the personal plan (payed version) now it works. Very much appreciated your help!!

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So glad it worked! :blush:

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