Place multiple text elements next to one another

Hello everyone,

I am currently building my first app.

I created a group (formatted in rows) with several text elements in it. Some text elements are normal, some text elements display user-generated text in input fields (i.e., the text elements in color), and some text elements are responsive (i.e., each string of text between brackets is set to be visible only when a specific input field is empty). The “fix width to content” option is checked for all text elements.

I want each text element to appear right next to one another, so that it reads as a normal sentence. My issue is as follows: when a text element does not fit in the remaining of a “line”, it starts on the next “line” instead. As a result, there is a long undesired white space in my sentence.

I understand I could cheat by changing the width of the group that contains the text elements, but it does not seem like a good solution (the width might change on different devices anyway).

I attached two screenshots. The first one shows the group containing the text elements in the backend, and the second is how it looks like in the frontend when all input fields are empty (input fields are not displayed in the screenshot).

Please note that I am repeating a similar procedure to create different sentences. This one is just an example with lorem ipsum text.

How can I get a long text element to start right next to the last text element (instead of starting on the next line) ?
Thank you for your help !

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