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Need help with printing

Hi All,

I’ve read the forum topics on printing and realize it’s a pretty dismal experience right now if you simply want to rely on the browser print function, which seems to be the default functionality. This image shows how a simple page of text renders in Safari’s print function, but this kind of cropping occurs in all the browsers I’ve tried so far (Safari, FF, IE, Chrome). Only the left half of the page gets sent to the browser, regardless of how wide the page is. And the second page isn’t even the right half, but the bottom of the left half. Surely it can’t be that hard too send a usable page to the browser print function? If there are tips and tricks around page layout and settings that would help, surely they ought to be documented in the official docs? Print functionality is top priority for my customer base. I wish I’d known this was such a problem before I signed up. And I really do like Bubble, but…

Set-up a printview page that has only got the stuff you want structure in away to look ‘better’ on a printout. send the object to be printed to the page, and open it in a new tab.

The other options is you use a pdf generator and output a pdf file for printing.


Thanks @DaveA, I will give that a try. Any tips or examples of print view page structure and settings?