Problem to print the whole page. Seems to be a bug!


When I try to print the page running “window.print()” something happens that the elements are messed up on the print screen (print1). Page responsiveness seems to be working accordingly. When I inspect the page and change the canvas size the elements will still be arranged in all sizes.

The odd part is that when I print each block of the page separately, the print is correct, without distorting the elements (print2 and print3), but when I print them all together, it breaks.




I already tried to fix the broken elements by changing the layout before running “window.print()” in the workflow but it didn’t work very well… I kept having strange results when printing the whole screen. Even if this maneuver worked, it wouldn’t help me because the elements contained in the “whole page” for printing will depend on the doctor’s choices, so the blocks can be dynamically hidden or not, in this way the “whole page” will never have the same size. So I can’t set the layout “by hand” in the workflow before running the command “window.print()”.

Any help? Thank you VERY MUCH!! s2

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