Need help with repeating group data source

I’ve tried adding a repeating group to my app but not sure how to disconnect the data so that all the cells don’t show the exact same thing when I change one.

Also not sure how to change the other two cells so I’m stuck. Here’s what I have:

So the first one is good. I changed it but how do I

  1. “disconnect” it from the others (I don’t want them auto-updating for my use case)
  2. Access the other two groups so I can change the images and text to different things


A repeating group will display the same thing in each cell, that’s the point of it.

Usually you use dynamic data in a repeating group, so each cell pulls the relevant data from the database to display the relevant item (each cell displays the same data from the database, but for a different ‘thing’).

In your video you’re using static data in the RG cell, that’s why it is the same in each cell.

If you want, or need, to use static data then there’s no need to use a repeating group, just use an ordinary group, then copy it and change the data in each one.

But, if you want to use a repeating group (which in most cases is more logical), then you need to store all your data in the database, and then pull it into the repeating group cell using dynamic data.

Fair enough @adamhholmes. I like that the group is already set up with the formatting and stuff which makes it easier but I think I’ll use ordinary group

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