Showing data within repeating group

I’m having difficulty getting a repeating group to list the data that I want it to.

I’m trying to build a review based app and need a RG to display the different reviews. The RG has the search for a review based on whether the current user is the review creator. All of that is fine. The problem becomes when I try to organize the data within the RG with groups and can no longer access the “current cell” dynamic text option. There’s multiple groups within a group in order to help with the page responsiveness and displaying the data correctly (rows vs columns).

The dilemma is that I can only access the “current cell” option in the first group but really I need that option about 3-4 groups deep in order for things to be organized correctly. Hope that makes sense…

„Parent groups thing“ in the data source of each stacked group.

That works to show the first item but just repeats the first item multiple times on the preview

That works to show the first item but just repeats the first item multiple times on the preview

It sounds like you’re setting the group’s data source incorrectly… it should just be the Current Cell’s Thing…

Bubble wont allow me to do “current cells thing” after the first group. After that group the dynamic options become “parent groups thing” or “current cells index”. Where I need it to say “current cells review title.”

Ive successfully created a very similar repeating group but it wasnt responsive and was a fixed layout. The problem seems to become when I add the additional groups within the RG to adjust the layout the way I want it to look…

These screenshots show that the first group within the RG I can get it to be the current cells thing where as once I go one group within that one, it’s no longer an option

Just use Parent group’s Brokerage Review to pass the data from one group to the next…

Or you can just always refer to directly Group Job 1 copy’s Brokerage_Review (or any other group inside the cell).

Using Parent groups brokerage review shows the first item 3 times in the preview when in the data its three different items

What data are you using in the text and image elements?

It’s the same logo in the test data for each of the reviews so that’s understandably the same but the titles are different

I’ve got no idea then… but something’s obviously wrong…

feel free to share a read-only link to your editor if you want someone to take a look inside, which i suspect is the only way you’ll get an answer on this…

How do I do that?

Just copy and paste the link from your editor… but make sure you change your application rights settings to ‘Everyone can view’ to make it publicly viewable but not editable…

Elements tree steps to portion in question:

  • Group all
    +G3 my reviews
    +Group User for RG
    +Group User
    +G3.1 RG Reviews
    +Group Review

and yes I’m aware of the number of issues but they don’t have anything to do with the problem in question :sweat_smile:

There’s the issue (as I suspected, an incorrect data source on one of the groups) - it needs to be Parent Group’s Brokerage_Review

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Thank you!

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