Need Help with Repeating Group Setup: Displaying Unique Local Authorities Assigned to Users

Hello, got a bit of a problem. So I have the following setup:

List of users with the following fields:

I then have a second database called User | Local Authority Access which has the following fields:

So what I do is basically log in the Local Authority Access database the local authority name and a userID (userID field) next to it to help identify what Local Authority a user belongs to.

I’m trying to build a search feature which relies on repeating group and thus had no luck - I have no idea what I need to reference in my repeating group so far. I’ve got the following outcome by setting my Repeating Group with the following settings:
Type of Content: User | Local Authority
Data Source: Search for User | Local Authority Access (without constraints) - As below

I then have a group inside of that which is setup similarly:


Then I have a field (I’m just playing with one for now which is just to display the first name of the user) :

The current output is this:

As one user can be assigned to multiple Local Authorities, I assume it’s just pulling through all the records, is there some way to set this as unique values only. Then the next step will be to concatenate all the Local Authorities a user is assigned against (Has a record of) and list it like “list of text” in the Local Authorities Column…

This has been a headache to say the least, so I’ll appreciate any input out there. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I had the same problem! At the end of whatever you have as the data source of the repeating group just add :unique elements

I must be missing something, I added :unique elements to everywhere possible and still no luck - it still appears to be generating the inputs regardless.

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