Need help with rewardful integration

Hi fellow bubblers

i am trying to implement rewardful ( in my bubble app.

i have followed all the steps which document says but still i am not getting any conversation to my rewardful affiliate link.

so my question is does the only live card accepted to get convertion in rewardful as i am integrating this in development mode and using stripe test cards to validate the integration using stripe.js 2 plugin as mentioned there.

when i am trying to use live card stripe giving error that only test cards accepted in test mode.

so i am bit stuck now and dont know where i am making mistake.

any help would be much appreciated


For folks who come across this - I spoke with Rewardful support today and they do not support tests running through Stripe Developer Mode.

Because sharing is caring, below are the validation instructions they shared. Interestingly, they noted their public instructions for Bubble are now “legacy”, but don’t have any other available. They were pushing 3rd party stripe plugins.

• STEP 6 is important as this will simulate a referred customer.
• Use incognito/private browsing mode that doesn’t have an adblocker. Or use a different browser wherein the cache and cookies are clean and there’s no adblocker.
• Also, use an email address that is not yet present on your Stripe Customer record section.


  1. Make sure you have finished the integration of Rewardful in your marketing website.
  2. If possible, create a trial period to simulate actual signup or purchase. If not possible, proceed with an actual charge, you may refund the charged amount later on.
  3. Create a test affiliate account.
  4. Once the affiliate is created, go to Affiliates > name of Affiliate > Links.
  5. Copy the affiliate link.
  6. Open up an incognito browser or a different browser with a clean cache and no adblocker extension.
  7. Paste the affiliate link on the browser you copied on STEP 5.
  8. Proceed with the checkout/signup flow.
  9. Once checkout/signup is complete, go to your Stripe account.
  10. Go to Customers > test email address of the test purchase.
  11. Check the Metadata section, check for the field labeled “referral” and the value is an alphanumeric character. If not present, contact us for further support.

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