Rewardful + Stripe Affiliate Installation

Hey - I’m trying to Follow Rewardful’s affiliate script installation guide but the directions (which were supposedly sent from Bubble) are vague.


I have the scripts pasted where necessary but am having trouble getting Stripe to charge the payment method.

Particularly, I am not sure what step 2 means:

Save payment method to where? The Bubble database?


Same boat here. Crazy how Rewardful chose to go with StripeJs 2 plugin. That plugin developer didnt provide any instruction, instead they want to sell it for $30. I did find this other plugin, but dont know how legit it is: rewardful Plugin | Bubble

@przybyszfm have you figured out how to integrate Rewardful to your app?

Add the HTML header to your page and then use Toolbox to run a javascript function when you want a user to be marked as converted.

HTML header:


<script async src='' data-rewardful='YOUR-API-KEY'></script>

Toolbox function:
rewardful('convert', { email: 'Current user's email' })

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