Rewardful bubble integration

Hello, I am trying to set up an affiliate program on my bubble app using Rewardful

I am currently stuck on step 2 on this photo (rewardful bubble setup)

I am unsure what this step means. I think it may be a workflow but i don’t know what page to put it on as i do not have a pricing page in my bubble app i only have a stripe pricing table that pops up when a user clicks purchase.

Have you reached out to the developer for help?

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Well aside from their obvious sexism and slightly ESL syntax, the instructions seem pretty clear. I’d advise the OP to follow them

I wrote technical documentation for at least a decade as a young person, avocationally in the intervening decades, and I still don’t understand the human impulse to refuse to read anything when presented with more than three words. It’s crazy-making (and just reinforces my core belief that I’m trapped in a simulation).

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Keith had me interested with their comment… but I can’t even find this plugin to help you.

Are you using a plugin? link the documentation please.

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No, they recommend to use the Stripe.JS plugin which is what I’m trying to use .

Okay gotcha, So then Step 5 should be the only issue you’re having. (If not, read it again, it’s explaining it’s a workflow, so make a workflow. And each step is a step in the workflow)

Step 5 says to put their code in a HTML element in bubble.

Find this code. Put it in an HTML element where you do the payment steps and see if it triggers.

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Ok so steps 1-4 are still all on the same page for the workflow I would charge the user?

I want to charge the user after they click a button that does a certain task if payment is processed successfully.

So these workflow steps would just be added to the first steps of all the workflow steps in this case for the button click ?

Thanks :+1:

Yeah exactly. The documentation they provide is pretty horrible to be honest. Not your fault. It wouldn’t have been hard for them to give a screenshot or something because that last step really could be anything. Goodluck with it! This looks like a big pain in the :poop:

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thank you sir

Looks like they want you to call that function in Javascript. (This is a no-code integration so really horrible they are making you do this.)

Install “toolbox” plugin so you can run Javascript in Workflows.
i’m guessing Step 5 above wants you to then have this in a workflow:

Final Step Workflow:
5) Run Javascript. (This is found in the toolbox plugin)
in that script you’ll want to put:


I just made this code up but I hope it will work. (It should call the function rewardful.)

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