Need help with search box input field!

So, I have an search box as an input field in a form, and I’ve checked the box “Allow entries not in list when typing”.

The problem is with database entry for that form, that search box’s typed text as the input, it doesn’t register the lookup as input, and leaves the field blank.


But if I put the results of the lookup as the input, then it doesn’t register any input if the user types something that isn’t there.

Both work perfectly on their own, but I want them combined into one data entry. Am I going to have to create two conditions in the workflow, one if the input is already on the list, and the other if they have a new one? It seems like there must be a simpler way…

Hi @krisia :slight_smile: Is the “Material” field of type text? If so, it looks like your setup is correct and that Bubble should save the typed value even if it’s not in the list. I can definitely take a look at the app editor to see what might be causing the issue if that’s helpful! (Can PM me the link if you prefer!)

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Update (in case anyone else has this same problem)

With @fayewatson’s help there was an easy workaround, which is actually what I was thinking of when I asked the question, but it wasn’t as complex as I thought it would be.

In the workflow where I tell it to create a new entry, there is now a condition. If the searchbox result is empty, then the input is the typed text, if it is not empty, then the input is the result.

Done and dusted. With many thanks to @fayewatson!


Awesome! No problem at all, @krisia! :slight_smile:

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