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Search Box allow enries not in list

Dear Bubblers, I have a static list of values for a Search box, which I assign as a key and send to the search page, which works fine, but if I type in a value, which is not in the list, it does not send anything. Am I missing something here?

In your workflow, use “search box value’s typed text”

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Unless you choose a value from the list, the content of the Search box is stored in Typed text, not in Value. Value is actually empty up until the point it matches a record.

I haven’t used Search box with static lists, but I’m guessing the same will apply in this case.

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Changed to typed text and it worked! However, it works for a scenario when I do not provide a list at all. If I do have a list, then type in a value, let it autocomplete, then typed text is empty((

Create two actions with different conditions: typed text only when value is empty and search box value only when value is not empty.


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