Can not save Searchbox input autocomplete to my database

Hi Guys,

I have a quick, beginner question. I made a searchbox input, where I can put cars plate no’s.

If I start to type the plate number than the searchbox autocomplete it. After I choose that, and hit the add to list button, its dissappear, and a new line will be added to my database list, but without the plate no. text :open_mouth:

1: How can I add the autocomplete plate no to my database? (via that button)

2: How can I set that when my searchbox show the result, and I hit the enter, than autocomplete finds should put in the inbox instead of activate/send it.

Thank you, and take my forever gratitude :))) !



Hi @richiemiller!

The typed text value is the value of the search box if the user is allowed to add an entry not in the list, and they type in a new value. It will be a simple text value.

The searchbox value is the item the user selects from the existing list. If that thing is a complex data type then you will have access to all the fields contained within, or you can simply set the receiving data field to be the same data type as your search box.


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wow, awesome, thank you @mebeingken! :))

one last question, if you have still a half min:

Thank you! :blush: