Need help with sign up/Login popup

Hey guys,
I have JUST started learning bubble and I have encountered an issue that I need help with, it’s quite straightforward but I can’t seem to wrap my head around it. I created 2 buttons “signup” and “login” both when pressed open a popup, the popup has 2 groups SIGNUP and LOGIN, for each group I created conditions to hide the other one when the respective buttons are clicked.
e.g if Login button is pressed, hide the signup group in the popup
But now when I’m pressing either of the buttons both groups are still visible. :sweat:

Hi there, @saadullah.mir93… the is pressed operator means that a button is literally being pressed (i.e., pressed and held down). To do what you described, one way you can go is to set a custom state to a particular value when each button is clicked, and use the custom state’s value in the conditions to determine which group to show on the popup.

Hope this helps.


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Oh, I didn’t know that Mike, thanks a lot for the help! Cheers!

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The simplest way is to use hide and show actions in workflows

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