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My sign-in button isn’t working after I have established the create account. What are the workflow steps to make this work?

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Here is the public editor link:

Thanks, for some reason since I have the login screen as part of a group on the index page, when I click the signin button from the main index page, it doesn’t bring up the sign in hidden group. However, when I click create account, the hidden group create account page comes up.

Then you have to add another step in the workflow. Step 2 can make the hidden group show and only when the “current user is logged in”.

Here are the current workflows. They’re working for the create account, but not for the sign in.

Hi! Rodrigo Vega from https://bluflame.xyz here

As far as I understand the problem is that you can’t sign in ? Or you can sign in but nothing happens after that?

If it’s the second option you probably need to check the conditional values of your elements and be sure that are exactly equal as the value of the conditional to hide or show elements. In your bubble editor should be a reusable element named signup/login you can open it to see the workflows or directly use it and only change the design :slight_smile:

Is there a reason why you are using custom states? I’ve made some updates on the link I gave you before, take a look at it. Is it what you are looking for? Try to both sign in and log in once you have an account.

I guess the custom state was used because the login & sign up pages are set up as hidden groups from the index page. Do you suggest it’s better to have them as separate pages and not part of a hidden group on the index page?

I’ve managed to do that without using custom states (as you can see in the link). It depends on what you are using your application for, is it supposed to be a native app? If yes, I suggest you to keep it as you have it, with the groups. If not, it doesn’t really matter. In my applications, I have them as separate pages.

Yes it’s to be a native app. Given that it’s a native app, do all screens following the index need to be treated as groups in the index page? or only the signup / sign in pages?

You should have groups that you hide and show to take the user to other sections of your app, instead of using pages. Did you check the link?

I checked the updated link, however since custom states aren’t used in that example I’m still not able to get the sign in button to pull up the hidden sign in screen similar to how the create account screen comes up. Should this also be “set state” showing “sign in”

In your “sign in screen”, do you have the inputs for the email and the password? What do you have on your sign in screen?

I figured it out. hallelulaj!! it was that the showing of a certain state called out had a lower case ‘i’ instead of I as it was named…minutia details!!! Thanks for your help. I’m sure I’ll have more challenges with the next steps :slight_smile:

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That’s exactly what I said, is good to know that you solve it. With text conditionals and retrieve of parameters from url is very important to always check that the words are exactly equal :slight_smile:

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