Need help with Twilio plugin


I need help with the @ZeroqodeSupport & @copilot Twilio plugin. I’ve followed both plugin’s documentation and I’m not able to send any text. I’ve bought a Twilio phone number (3 days ago), my number is verified, and I have credit. Can I get help with the settings for both plugins? A link to an editor will be really helpful.

Hi @dgddevops,

Are you testing in your live version of your app? If not, please try that and see if it works. If you’re still having issues, we have a complete tutorial for sending texts through twilio at


I’m testing with the development version of my app. I went to your website and can’t find the course.

It’s this tutorial: . You’ll need to have an account to watch it :slight_smile:

HI, @dgddevops!

Thanks for reaching out!

We are sorry to hear about your difficulties with the plugin!

We have received your request on our forum and already working on it. Let us investigate your use case carefully and we’ll get back to you asap. Thanks for understanding :pray:

Zeroqode Team